A Month of Free Gaming

By Dean Moses

What’s better than relaxing after a hard day and playing a video game? Well, playing a free video game, of course. Whether you call PlayStation your home or you prefer the company of the Xbox One, there are plenty of free games for you to enjoy. Your subscription to the Play Station Plus and/or Xbox Live does not only allow you to just talk and play videos with friends, it also grants you access to a host of free games each month as well. Here is a list of fun games that won’t make your wallet any lighter.

Grow HomeGame: Grow Home

Platform: PlayStation 4

Rated: E for Everyone

This adventure platforming game harkens back to an older generation of games, such as Mario and Banjo-Kazooie. You play as a cute robot called B.U.B, who must grow a gigantic plant that will oxygenate his home planet. Grow Home has a unique game style; you can control B.U.B’s left and right hand individually with the use of L1 and R1 buttons. This provides the player with an interesting dynamic when attempting to climb walls and clutching onto objects. The world of Grow Home is full of vivid colors: green, blues and yellows pepper the landscapes; in addition, B.U.B’s animations are full of expression. All of these aspects create an interesting, enjoyable and some-times comical world to explore.

Tomb RaiderGame: Tomb Raider

Platform: Xbox One

Rated: M for Mature

Tomb Raider follows the adventures of a young Lara Croft as she becomes marooned on an island after a vicious shipwreck. This is the story of how she became one of gaming’s most beloved heroines. You are tasked with helping Lara survive by traversing the dangerous island, where you must build camp fires, hunt wildlife, fight mercenaries and avoid deadly traps. Since Tomb Raider’s original release it has undergone a massive makeover for the newest generation of consoles. The jungles are vibrant and Lara herself looks amazingly lifelike. If you have never played it before, or just want to catch up before Rise of The Tomb Raider is released this November, it is certainly worth your time.


Twisted MetalGame: Twisted Metal

Platform: PlayStation 3

Rated: M for Mature

Despite being an older title, Twisted Metal still offers a great deal of enjoyment to its players. The premise is simple. Pick a car, truck or another type of motor vehicle and then unleash fury on your opponents. You drive around a host of fully destructible environments, with a set of armaments attached to your automobile and clash with other players in a heap of explosions, fallen buildings and twisted metal. The game still looks good for its age, sparks fly, trees fall and structures crumble when shot or driven into. This game is not your traditional driving game, but what it lacks in realism it makes up for in pure fun.

crysis-3-Game: Crysis 3

Platform: Xbox 360

Rated: M for Mature

This first-person shooter is set in a bleak future when vast jungles have overgrown New York City. This game serves as the end of the Crysis trilogy, in which you must combat an alien race. The protagonist, Prophet, wears a Nano suit that grants him the ability to become invisible or resist a barrage of bullets for a short time. He also has all types of guns, arrows and explosives at his disposal, allowing you to dispatch your adversaries in fun and varied ways. Even though New York is covered in foliage, landmarks are still recognizable. The Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty are all visible; however, in this future they look a little dilapidated. For a game on a near decade old machine, Crysis 3 provides players with a fun and visually stunning experience.

Hurry, these games won’t be free forever. Download them before the first of October and you will be able to play them whenever you want, otherwise you will miss out on some excellent free games.