After School Media Club: “See What We Can Do!”

By Amanda Moses

Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) youth programs offer a wide array of educational opportunities for children in elementary school, middle school, and high school. On June 24th, each of these programs were able to virtually exhibit their achievements throughout the school year during their End of Year Performance.

It was all about the music for the Spring Creek Towers’ After School Media Club (a joint effort between the Spring Creek After School Program and Spring Creek Teen Central (TC)) when they showcased their very own music video for their final performance. “You see what we can do,” sang the children in the video.

This group of fourth and fifth graders have been studying multimedia and photography since the fall with TC Director, Lonai Mosley and TC Teaching Artist, Eileen Level. Together, they studied the fundamentals of operating a camera using a Canon Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR), were introduced to a photographer’s vocabulary, and learned about composition, exposure, aperture, framing, pan, f stop, and video/audio editing.

The After School Media Club aims to enhance member’s awareness of technology, media trends, and tech careers. These sessions reinforce STEM and ELA Core Curriculum by showing students how to write scripts for podcasts/radio shows, filmography, and conduct interviews with various guests. Both the audio and film editing process follows the basic storytelling arch—a beginning, middle, and end.

In the fall, the students began their project—to create and produce a music video. Twice a week, the children met at the TC Vision Media Lab to work on their lyrics, beats, and production theme.

The song, After School Anthem, started by giving each child a chance to show their creative side. While some were front and center singing and raping, others were behind the lens filming, designing their costumes (tie-dye shirts), and developing choreography.

Prior to the pandemic, the class filmed scenes in Abe Stark Primary School 346’s classroom and playground for their video. Additionally, they scouted various areas in the community and filmed portions of the video in Spring Creek Towers’ Great Lawn, KaBoom Park, and inside of the TC Lounge and TC Media Lab within the lower level of the Brooklyn Sports Club.

In mid-March, the Spring Creek After School Media Club went digital, and students worked on editing their clips with staff remotely. Everyone had a hand in the editing process (where they learned how to use cutting-edge software.)

TC Director, Lonai Mosley was impressed by the fourth and fifth graders. “They wrote the lyrics, picked beats, designed tie-dye shirts, and provided choreography. I was amazed at their level of intuitive mastery and insight. They also really enjoyed being engaged in songwriting and beat making 101 workshops as production prep,” Mosley said.

Screenshots by Amanda Moses