Appreciating Educational Professionals: A Spotlight on SELC’s Director Tammy Moore


The first full week of May marked National Teacher Appreciation Week, a time when we really show our respect and gratitude for educational professionals. In light of this celebration, the Spring Creek Sun would like to put a spotlight on Starrett Early Learning Center’s (SELC) Director, Tammy Moore who joined the Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) community last summer.

In less than a year’s time, Moore has continued to make the SELC a top notch facility for the residents’ children to learn and grow. She has bridged a strong relationship be-tween parents and her staff, stress-ing the adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Through her partnership with parents and staff, Moore has successfully implemented pro-grams, such as monthly cooking lessons and parent engagement opportunities. She has also hosted a series of events that allow parents to admire their children’s work, like this month’s Mother’s Day break-fast. “I want to be able to provide consistent enrichment opportunities that are built into the curriculum such as: sports, dance, music, and art for each child,” Moore said.

It’s not easy being the director of a 43-year-old program that has gained a reputation of excellence, and yet Moore does so with such finesse, that everyone can’t help but be thankful for her steadfast work. She has combined her previous experience as a program director with the dynamics of learning how to manage a non-for-profit childcare facility. “SELC has a long standing history of providing education to young scholars and I am excited to build upon this foundation,” Moore said. The SELC has always been a part of progressive education, and Moore assures parents that she will continue to align all of the Common Core Learning Standards to the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes.

She has also enlisted the SELC into Quality Stars NY, which is a voluntary quality rating and improvement system for all types of early childhood programs. According to Quality Stars’ website, “The initiative works to improve the quality of care by assessing the program’s learning environment along with other aspects of how the program functions and by providing supports for improvement.” Moore introduced this system because she believes that it is important to have SELC involved in a program that offers resources for lessons as well as staff training and professional development.

Moore is determined, caring, and kind hearted. Her dedication to teaching and helping others are just a few of her many redeeming qualities. “I was always helping someone in various capacities even as a young teenage girl,” Moore said. At 13, she interned at a medical center, then worked as a junior counselor and eventually as a senior leader. All of these intern-ships and interactions paved the way for her true calling as an educator.

She continued her journey in education by earning her Master Degree in Early Childhood Education and her NYS teaching certifications in both general and special education. “I have taught in the independent, private, and non-profit school sector for more than 20 years,” she said.

For Moore, working within the education system will always be a strong passion of hers, which is what drew her to the position as SELC Director—an opportunity to make a real difference in a community. “I love mentoring, training other teachers, and aspiring education leaders. I am called to do what I do,” Moore exclaimed.

Being a teacher, let alone anyone who works in the educational field is no easy feat. Professionals like Moore are driven by their passion, so that your child can have the tools to learn and grow. In honor of National Teacher Appreciation week, please take a moment to thank those who are also invested in your children’s future.

Photo courtesy of Tammy Moore