B2 Laundry Room Upgrade

The B2 Laundry Room will be upgraded the week of April 12th.

The upgrade of the laundry room includes the installation of new machines, new seating, laundry carts, painting and a new digital pay option (flyer attached). During this time, you will have access to the B3 laundry room. A public safety officer will be stationed at that building to provide you access. Please make sure to bring your resident ID or other identification showing your address. We understand this will cause some inconvenience and we appreciate your cooperation while we complete these important improvements to better serve you. You can pick up your complimentary new laundry card loaded with $5 once the room is complete from the Management Office. You may transfer existing balances from your existing card to your new card by calling 844.272.9675 Sincerely, SCT Management