Career Day at PS 346 and IS 364


When you were little people, whether they are family, friends, classmates or teachers always tend to ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” All children answer what they want to be when they grow up, but that necessarily isn’t what they become once they are older. “I, myself, had thought of many different career choices when I was younger. Some occupations that I considered were; a hair-dresser, an exercise instructor, a lawyer, and ultimately a member of the media,” said Spring Creek Sun’s Pamela Stern.

Fortunately for the students of PS 346, IS 364, and FDA VIII having a career day enables them to learn about professions that they might already know about, possibly are considering or that they are unfamiliar with and are now just learning about. This allows the children to realize the plethora of opportunities that are out there for them. With the ever-changing technology industry a lot of doors have opened up for a new set of career choices that these young children could consider.

At IS 364, Career Day was held on May 16th for all grades and ran for half of the school day. The presenters were not parents of the students, but were in fact friends and family members of the staff at IS 364. Some of these professionals that took time out of their busy lives and spoke to the students were: two different airline pilots, a Director of Transition, a Police Officer, a Comptroller, a Nurse Assistant, and a Youth Officer. These men and women explained the different assets and duties of their jobs.

Oneill Soares, an airline pilot spoke to the students about how he flies the airplanes and what steps he has to take when there is an emergency. Officer Dell Cassandra spoke about what she needs to do when she is arresting someone; she also explained that in order to avoid getting arrested, you need to be a law obeying citizen. Denessa Loregnard is a Director of Transition of a College access center, she explained the process of how to register for college, and what different types of degrees are available depending upon the different majors that one may consider. Julihann Washing-ton, is a Comptroller, she explained what her responsibilities are and how finances are important in the business world. Melanie Garcia, is a Nurse’s Assistant (she is a parent of a sixth grade student at IS 364), she expressed the importance of getting immunized.

Each of the presenters spoke for approximately 20 minutes. After they spoke the children were able to ask them questions about their professions.
Some snacks that were provided for Career Day were courtesy of:

Rhonda Langhorne, a grandmother of an IS 364 student. The snacks that she brought in were: cookies, juice boxes, and party mix chips. Panera Bread donated sandwiches, fruit salad, and chips. Lunch was provided by IS 364 and included: jerk chicken, vegetable lomein, rice, fish, and salad, for everyone in attendance.

PS 346 held their Career Day on May 16th for all of their students (pre-K through 5th grade). At PS 364, letters were sent home with the students in order to recruit speakers for Career Day. Parents and family members were receptive and came in and spoke to the students. The event kicked off with a breakfast for the presenters. Each professional spoke for 25 minutes.

Some of professionals that made time to come and speak to the students at PS 346 were; a letter carrier, a nurse, medical massage therapist, a product controller, a porter, a vegan baker, a firefighter and a warehouse manager.
Each speaker explained the roles that they play in their positions, how they became inte-rested, involved, and what steps they took to get into their career path. Some brought visual aids like their uniform, books, and edibles to help the students visualize what their jobs entail. Following each presentation was a question and answer segment.

Helen Vazquez explained her role as a letter carrier and what responsibilities she has and what obstacles could arise and how she would handle them. Samantha E. Hunte is a medical massage therapist; she explained what that exactly means. Reena Morris is a nurse and she spoke about the responsibilities that she endures as a nurse. Sophia Barricelli is a vegan baker, some people might not know what that is and she gave an explanation of what a vegan baker makes so they could easily under-stand. Michael Little Sr. educated the students about becoming a firefighter.

It doesn’t matter which career path you take, attending Career Day at your schools helps you get a sense about different careers and it allows you to broader your horizons.

FDA VIII will be holding their Career Day on June 17th.

Photo courtesy of PS 346