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Q: I was born in 1947 and grew up reading Golden Books, Elf Books, See Saw Books and my favorites, the Story Hour series. I have started buying the ones I remember when I see them at garage sales or in shops. My problem is I have no idea of values. Can you recommend a good price guide for me? — Darla, Columbia, Missouri

A: Although there are several excellent guides, my personal favorite is “Warman’s Children’s Books: Identification & Price Guide” by Steve Santi and published by Krause Books. It has concise histories and hundreds of listings with values for many of the books issued by the major book publishers for children. Major space is devoted to Golden Books, Whitman, Rand McNally, Wonder, Treasure, Holly, Owl, Pied Piper and Star-Bright. Incidentally, the first Golden Book was “Three Little Kittens,” issued in 1942 and worth about $50 in good condition. 

Q: I have a glass bowl that is marked “Quezal.” I have been told it was given to a distant relative as a wedding present in 1915. Since I have never heard of Quezal glass and can’t find it in any of my reference books, I hope you can help me. — Barbara, Pine Castle, Florida

A: The Quezal Art Glass Decorating Company opened in Brooklyn in 1901 and closed in about 1925. I found the mark in “Miller’s Antique Marks” by Judith Miller and published by Miller Books. This handy reference documents more than 6,000 marks that make it easier to identify silver, ceramics, glass and other treasures. Priced at $9.99, it is quite a bargain.

Q: I have a partial set of sterling flatware. I am not certain of the pattern, but since I no longer use the pieces, I would like to liquidate the set. Do you have any suggestions? — Carol, Wausau, Wisconsin

A: The Silver Queen silver company has been in business for several decades and buys and sells older sterling flatware. The company maintains an inventory of more than 6,000 patterns of active and discontinued silver patterns. Contact is 1350 West Bay Drive, Largo, FL 33770. Check out the website at, or call 800-262-3134 for a free catalog and price list.

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