Construction in the H-Garage Starts Next Month


Starting in September, the HGarage will be the first to undergo a major reconstruction. The HGarage was chosen because of its deteriorating conditions, particularly the large cracks in the concrete. In order for Management to allow these renovations to occur, the HGarage will be closed for approximately one year while it is undergoing construction.

It is understood that the construction will be inconvenient for many; however the vast changes being made will be well worth the wait. Management has relocated all garage tenants who were previously parking in the H-Garage to other garages in Spring Creek Towers.

“This will be a major overhaul,” said Salim Qureshi, the Director of Technical Services, who is heading this project. Quershi explained that after the construction, the HGarage will be complete with a protective coating which will cover the entire surface of the garage and will help prevent the penetration of chemicals such as winter salt, water, etc. In addition, the garage doors will be replaced with a new electronic enter/exit card system and new energy efficient lighting will be installed.

At this time management is planning to renovate one garage per year over the next seven years.

If you have any questions please contact the Management Office at (718) 642-7000 for assistance with garage parking