Enter A Post-Apocalyptic Russia with Metro Redux


Game: Metro Redux

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Rating: M for Mature

Cost: $49.99

Many will know that The Witcher games are based off of a series of books, yet that’s not the only Nintendo Switch title originally conceived to be read rather than played. Metro Redux has finally made its way to our favorite hybrid console. Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky brought post-apocalyptic fiction to his native Russia in 2002, now almost twenty years later, Nintendo Switch players can experience it as well.

Switch Tax

This release comes bundled with the original Metro 2033 and its sequel Metro Last Light. Of course, this does offer more value than merely purchasing one title; how-ever, there is no doubt that the infamous “Switch Tax” comes into play here since the games can be found on other platforms at a much cheaper price point. With that being stated, let’s jump into the narrative. After a nuclear war has ravaged the earth, residents of Russia have retreated into the subway tunnels in order to survive. While the nu-clear winter above ground is perilous to explore, the metro passageways that connect man’s last bastion of civilization is also rife with dangers. You see, after the aforementioned war, all kinds of ghouls and monsters also emerged, making traversing the subway a terrifying experience.

Exploring the Tunnels

Metro is a first-person shooter; a genre which is abundant on Play Station 4 and Xbox One but lacking on the Nintendo Switch. Much of the gameplay takes place in the shadowy recesses of underground shafts, making players feel both claustrophobic and afraid of what might pop out next. It is recommended that you take a stealth approach when applicable due to limited ammo supplies, although if playing on normal difficulty you shouldn’t have a hard time remain-ing stocked. Replenishing supplies is achieved by searching corpses or visiting vendors at populated sections of the metro system.

There is more to the experience than just sneaking and shooting, though. Certain, toxic areas will require you to don a gas mask, which, over time, must be upkept by replacing the breathing apparatus otherwise the poison can and will seep through. In the same vain, some regions will need you to shine a light to see while others will be coated with cobwebs that need to be set ablaze to proceed. It is game mechanics like these that set Metro Redux apart from other shooters on the market.

Gritty Goodness

I have always found that games with bright, cartoonish graphics shine on the Nintendo Switch. Titles such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Smash Bros Ultimate, and Fire Emblem: The Three Houses make best use of Nintendo’s hardware. With that being said, Metro Redux’s more realistic appearance is rendered surprisingly well. Shadow and particle effects are, of course, not as impressive as the more powerful systems, yet they are impressive, nonetheless. The gritty under-ground caverns and bloodthirsty monsters are all top notch.


Metro Redux provides players with a portable way to experience a beloved franchise. Excellent game-play and graphics make this one a must own for first-person shooter fans.