Honoring Women in Spring Creek Towers

March is Women’s History Month—a time to celebrate the many contributions women have made to society. These women of character, courage, talent and commitment have fought for equality and change, and for those who have come before us and for those who are inspired by their greatness we celebrate Women’s History Month.

In 1978, the commemoration of Women’s History began in the United States when the California’s Education Task Force of the Sonoma County introduced the idea of starting a weeklong celebration of women’s contributions to society. The tribute was created to coincide with Europe’s International “Making A World Of Difference Women’s Day” (created March 8, 1911.) In 1987, it was extended into a month-long celebration.

In saluting women of diverse talents, the Spring Creek Sun pays tribute to a few of the many women in the Spring Creek Towers (SCT) community that have and still are making a difference.

Women making a difference in our community are:

Rebecca Carraballo … a quality of life advocate for the past 35 years in SCT. She is a staunch advocate for tenant rights and is currently the president of the Starrett City Tenants Association (SCTA). Additionally, Carraballo served as the PTA president for PS 346 and IS 364, and president of the Judo Program Parent Association. She received a City Council Citation from the Office of NYC Council Member Charles Barron for community service. For the past six years, she has helped coordinate the community blood drive with the SCT Office of Community Relations/Public Affairs and the New York Blood Center.

Rebecca Carraballo … a quality of life advocate for the past 35 years in SCT. She is a staunch advocate for tenant rights and is currently the president of the Starrett City Tenants Association (SCTA). Additionally, Carraballo served as the PTA president for PS 346 and IS 364, and president of the Judo Program Parent Association. She received a City Council Citation from the Office of NYC Council Member Charles Barron for community service. For the past six years, she has helped coordinate the community blood drive with the SCT Office of Community Relations/Public Affairs and the New York Blood Center.

Constancha Payne … has worked for over 10 years tutoring youth and ministering women in various organizations, like Help USA Women’s Shelter. She currently volunteers as a Chaplin at Brookdale Hospital and works on the Neighborhood Advisory Board for Community Board 5. Every holiday season or during a special event, Payne spreads cheer throughout her Spring Creek Towers’ apartment building by decorating the hallways with festive ornaments to create a fun and colorful environment for residents.

Constancha Payne … has worked for over 10 years tutoring youth and ministering women in various organizations, like Help USA Women’s Shelter. She currently volunteers as a Chaplin at Brookdale Hospital and works on the Neighborhood Advisory Board for Community Board 5. Every holiday season or during a special event, Payne spreads cheer throughout her Spring Creek Towers’ apartment building by decorating the hallways with festive ornaments to create a fun and colorful environment for residents.

Gladys Jeffers … volunteers with Spring Creek Senior Partners where she escorts seniors to their doctor appointments, retrieves their medication and goes grocery shopping with them. Jeffers visits lonely seniors in nursing homes and in their apartments in SCT, providing a loving and caring companionship that many are not afforded.

Gladys Jeffers … volunteers with Spring Creek Senior Partners where she escorts seniors to their doctor appointments, retrieves their medication and goes grocery shopping with them. Jeffers visits lonely seniors in nursing homes and in their apartments in SCT, providing a loving and caring companionship that many are not afforded.

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