Judokas Sizzling Summer Lessons

By: Pamela Stern

The Starrett City Judo Club students are virtually practicing and strengthening their Judo moves this summer. Additionally, they are having lessons about nutrition and how to prepare simple meals with their parents. Virtual Judo Summer Sessions are held on Zoom (a Video/audio platform) three times a week for two hours each day.

This fun and interactive summer program enhances the abilities of the children. During the first half of the class, Sensei Parnel Legros has the students practice their exercises. While the students are performing their exercises, they are also learning Japanese phrases and numbers. Legros counts to ten in Japanese, “Ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, sichi, hachi, ku, ju,” and the student recite it back. Some parents of the judo students also participate in the exercises with their children.

Next the judokas have their nutrition lessons. In these sessions, Legros asks the parents/guardians to assist their children in the kitchen. The meals that the children prepare are simple. Parents are provided with the list of ingredients in advance of the class, so they can prepare and have them ready for the children to use.

Learning how to prepare nutritious meals goes hand in hand with exercising.

Screenshots by: Pamela Stern