Learning is Fun at SELC

By Amanda Moses

The Starrett Early Learning Center (SELC) offers educational instruction for three, and four-year-old children. Last year due to COVID-19, each of the classes worked with their teachers remotely through Class Dojo, a free online educational platform designed to facilitate communication between teachers and families. This school year, SELC teachers were able to host hybrid learning, allowing the students to participate in both the digital platform to share classroom activities from home via videos, photos, and journal entries or safely join in-person learning.

“Since September 2020, Starrett Early Learning Center has been able to maintain a safe, nurturing and thriving 3K and 4K program, inclusive of five days of full in-person instruction with the option of families to choose five days of remote learning. We have learned how to take the bitter lemons of this pandemic and produce a refreshing lemonade beverage,” SELC Director, Tammy Moore said.

Parents of SELC students had a variety of options of how they wanted their students to learn. They could enroll in blended lessons, virtual only classes, or the traditional in-person experience. No matter the option, SELC staff was ready with fun educational activities.

“Some of our remote families have found it hard to facilitate the challenges of virtual learning. Yet the majority of our remote families eagerly wait for the set times of day in which they can log into the Zoom link to have their child join in for songs, story time and other instructional activities with their peers. Our remote learning families are also encouraged to email and or upload pictures of their child engaged in the theme-based activities that are sent home weekly,” Moore said.   

Whether it’s learning in-person or at home, SELC teachers create an environment that fosters curiosity, artistry, and the fundamentals of education. Learning how to communicate with young children virtually was a difficult task, but Moore proudly shares that she and her staff evaluated their methodology of teaching and customized their lessons to use the digital tools as an advantage to motivate students.

To maintain a vast and fun learning experience, Moore instills various weekly and monthly themes.  Last month, the children participated in Read Across America, where they read a wide array of books such as “Give a Mouse a Cookie,” “Tiara’s hat parade, “Charlotte’s Web,” and more. In addition to reading and comprehension, the children tried their hand at baking cookies, which paired perfectly with their book, “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie.”

In honor of the book “Wacky Wednesday,” the children wore silly and strange outfits to play along as they discovered all of the wacky things the protagonist discovered.

There is always fun to be had at SELC!

“The teaching staff and support staff of SELC are doing a wonderful job.  They are passionate, caring and skilled nurturers. I am blessed to be able to lead this group during these unprecedented times,” Moore said.

 Photos and screenshots courtesy of SELC