Loot Crate Giveaway for Gamers and Comic Book Lovers


Some people make the mistake of presuming video games are still children’s play things, when, in fact, they are rivaling—and sometimes beating—movies, television, and music sales. This form of entertainment is enjoyed by children and adults alike. Video games are not new to this success; they have reveled in it for years now, breeding crossovers like films based on games and vice versa. With so much fandom to be explored and discovered, along with the advent of distributors like Amazon making fun-filled package distribution a normal occurrence, Loot Crate has capitalized on the worldwide fascination of everything video game related and nerdy in general. Every month Loot Crate delivers an assortment of tech and film and television related goodies to your door. But is it worth your money? Let’s look inside the crate and find out.



Whether representing your favorite football, baseball, and basketball teams, wearing shirts or pants with a brand or logo imprinted in the fabric has been a longtime tradition for many fans—a tradition that has since carried over from sports fans to video game and film enthusiasts. Each and every Loot Crate holds a new t-shirt based on a popular trend. I have received everything from shirts based on the much-loved TV show Rick and Morty to Transformers, and many more. The material feels comfortable to wear and well-made and durable, not something that has been just thrown together. While it’s a wonderful surprise to discover a fashion accessory that accurately embodies your individual taste in cinema, more often than not said t-shirt will display a franchise you may not be sympathetic toward, leaving you somewhat disappointed after waiting a month for it to arrive.


The t-shirts may be a hit or miss, however, the other goodies found inside are subject to broader personality types. I have seen contents from a Marvel power gauntlet oven mitt, a Star Wars coloring book, comic books, posters, hats, to figurines from video games like Fallout and movies like Alien, statues of Wolverine, Spider-man, and many more. The type and genre of items snuggled within the monthly box is almost limitless. And whereas the t-shirts focus on signaler subject each month, the other items are widely contrasting, making certain there is something for everyone.




Consumers will also find pins nestled amongst their geeky plunder. These cool, little objects are shaped into familiar characters and icons, such as Claptrap from the Borderlands series or Link’s shield from the Zelda series. These snazzy pedants not only look nice attached to a jacket or bag, they also come with a code to unlock bonus content for the license it’s associated with. For instance, The Elder Scrolls Online pin comes with a URL that directs you to your loot Crate account from where you enter a code and receive in-game rewards. This is Loot Crate’s gift within a gift.



The Spring Creek Sun is giving away cool items from various Loot Crate themes so you can experience it for yourself! Headlining this giveaway, we have three T-shirts (size small) one showcasing the Transformer Optimus Prime in mid-transformation, a light blue Robocop t-shirt with Alex Cross emblazoned in red, and the other from the classic Power Rangers television show featuring the rangers’ megazord. These colorful summer shirts are just the beginning. We also have a Tetris fridge magnet that can be shuffled and manipulated to one’s heart’s desire, a collectible auto ornament depicting The Flash dashing at high speed, a Gone In 60 Seconds miniature car made by GreenLight Collectibles, a mini Tiki Mug from Geeki Tikis, and a Jurassic World door sign that warns prospective visitors of imagined electrified fences. Finally, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pin and a Predator bottle opener can likewise be yours. The first ten readers (must be Spring Creek Towers’ residents) only need to email amoses@springcreektowers.com telling us your favorite video game/comic book to win an item, so there are plenty of opportunities to win.

If you would like to subscribe to Loot Crate, visit the website here: https://www.lootcrate.com/