New Co-Directors of DPS


L-R Vincent DeMarino, Willie Vargas, Dan Quiles and Jonathan Taormina. Department of Public Safety was present at the Front vs. Back games.


Spring Creek Towers is pleased to announce the appointments of Vincent DeMarino and Jonathan Taormina as Co-Directors of the Department of Public Safety. They will have joint responsibility for overseeing the department.

“We are both excited about the opportunity to work with the community, our officers, and Spring Creek Management,” said Taormina.

DeMarino and Taormina have a lot of ideas and feel that working together will allow them to accomplish many things. DeMarino and Taormina’s commitment to the community includes a renewed focus on community policing. They have begun meeting regularly with the Starrett Tenants Association, JASA, school principals as well as local businesses, and several agencies of the City of New York.

DeMarino added, ”We look forward to collaborating with the community and the STA to find ways to work together to increase our presence when and where needed most, in order to prevent incidents of crime and disorder, while simultaneously making our residents feel safe and secure. In order to succeed, we will need the assistance of our community partners in this critical mission.”

Photo Credit: Devorah Fong