New Officers Recruited in the SCT Department of Public Safety


On Thursday, May 30th Starrett City Tenant Association (SCTA) President, Rebecca Caraballo and Recording Secretary, Patricia Monjardo, met with three newly recruited members of the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Both SCTA officials introduced themselves to the officers and asked why they decided to work in Spring Creek Towers.

Officer Ashley Davis comes from a family of law enforcement professionals, and wanted to follow in the same path, but with more community involvement. She worked for the Department of Homeland Security, and learned various methods in deescalating situations with verbal interactions.

Officer Nicole Latta served in the US Army for several years, and she noticed that many of the problems that occurred overseas exist within our own county. She decided to utilize her military experience as well as her Bachelor and Master Degrees in Public Administration in investigative and oversight services.

Sergeant Daniel Garcia has held an array of law enforcement positions. He has worked within the county courts, served as a state investigator, and other similar occupations. He has a history of interacting with the Spring Creek Youth Federation, and fell in love with the Spring Creek Towers’ community.

Caraballo was impressed by the officers’ introductions, and told them that she hopes for a more community-oriented relationship between DPS and the residents. DPS Deputy Director, John A. Cornicello assured her that DPS wants the same thing, and for residents to know that “DPS is here for you.”

Photo by Amanda Moses