November 9/4:22 p.m.  Spring Creek Towers (SCT) Department of Public Safety (DPS) responded to a report of loud music coming from an eighth floor apartment in building G6. Upon arrival, the DPS officer heard the music and knocked on the apartment door. A female resident opened the door and was advised the music was disturbing the peace, and was asked to lower the volume. She refused to comply and the officer issued an Environmental Control Board (ECB) summons to the head of household for noise.

November 7/7:10 p.m. NYPD Brooklyn North Narcotics executed a warrant at a ninth floor apartment in building H1; two males were arrested.


Property Damage (surveillance video): 11/8@4:20 p.m., DPS’ review of video of building B1’s lobby revealed a male pushing the rear door against the building’s side causing it to break. The individual is known to DPS; 11/6@4:09 p.m., an unidentified male was seen kicking the lower glass panel of the front lobby door of building C5. The kick caused the glass to break; 11/5@6:04 a.m., a male was seen kicking the inner front lobby door’s lower glass panel of building E1 and causing it to break.  The individual is known to DPS;