Old Magazines

By Larry Cox

Q: I have some Life magazines from April and October of 1945 and two National Geographic magazines from 1922. — Norma, Wolf Point, Montana

A: Your Life magazines might be fun to read, but the ones you have are worth only about $10 each, and that is assuming they are in good condition. There are always exceptions, such as issues that covered historic events or desirable covers. (Think VJ-Day and Marilyn Monroe covers.) National Geographic magazines, even early issues, are difficult to sell. Most of the ones I have seen in shops are priced in the $5 to $10 range.

Q: I would like the value of the following items: sleigh bells, Mickey Mouse pop-up book, old cigar clipper and a “naughty Nellie” boot remover. — Carol, Surprise, Arizona

A: To get an idea of values, I recommend you contact dealers in your area. You are near Phoenix, which has dozens of excellent dealers. Free appraisals are offered each Saturday from 10 a.m. until noon at one of the later antique malls, Antique Trove, 2020 N. Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale.

I have some thoughts about your boot remover. I suspect it is probably a reproduction, since thousands have been sold in shops and at malls in recent years, all repros and most manufactured in Japan. There were several Mickey Mouse books published, and you might be able to find yours in one of my favorite reference books, “The Official Price Guide to Disney Collectibles” by Ted Hake and published by House of Collectibles.

Q: I have a license plate that has “Tennessee” printed on top and large red letters “NO SHOW” in the middle and George Jones on its bottom. What is this plate, and does it have any value? — Bill, Greene, Rhode Island

A: My best guess is that country-western star George Jones did not show up for one of his scheduled appearances in Tennessee. You might contact the Automobile License Plate Collectors Club to get an idea of its value. The addresses are 118 Quaker Road, Hampton, VA 23669, and www.alpca.org. There also is a paper for collectors, The License Plate Collector’s Hobby Paper, Drew Steitz, editor, P.O. Box 222, East Texas, PA 18046; pl8seditor@aol.com; and www.pl8s.com.

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