Omensight is Amazing from Time-to-Time


Game: Omensight
Platform: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4
Rating: T for Teen
Price: $19.99

From the creators of Stories: The Path of Destinies, Omensight incorporates many of the previous game’s features while adding a few new original ideas. While not all of these concepts are executed flawlessly, Omensight still manages to stand on its own as a unique experience.

The game takes place in a fantasy world full of anthropomorphic animals. The main conflict starts when the priestess Vera is mur-dered. This sparks a war to break out across the two animal king-doms, Urralia and Rodentia. The war inevitably ends when the immortal serpent spirit Voden is summoned and causes the end of the world. The player plays as the Harbinger, traveling through time to both stop the killing of the priestess and prevent the arrival of the serpent Voden.

The game revolves around meeting characters from different time periods and learning more information about the world and its inner workings in order to solve the game’s main mystery. This becomes even more interesting when mixed with the game’s titular omensights, which are visions of key events that can be implanted directly into certain character’s minds. Knowing this information drastically alters the paths that characters take on their journey and ultimately leads to more unpredictable story revelations.

Despite containing so many focal characters, each one is able to leave a distinct impact on the game’s story. The differing objectives of each one is able to give a new perspective on the ongoing war. In addition to the great writing, the exceptional voice acting also helps to make them come alive. From Ratika, the snarky yet reluctant leader of a rebellion, to Draga, a hardened front-line soldier who boldly fights to set a new standard for her people, these characters manage to feel real despite being animals. Unfortunately, the main character doesn’t speak which makes some of the character moments a bit awkward with them practically talking to themselves.

Throughout these multiple time-lines, one of the most consistent aspects is the combat. Equipped with an ethereal blade and unique time-distortion abilities, you slash through enemies across the game’s multiple beautiful environments. As the game progresses, you use XP and crystals to upgrade your abilities to acquire new ones. The combat feels very floaty and the upgrades make combat a breeze towards the end of the game important choices quickly. There are also color-coded doors that become accessible as you advance further in the game. Some of these doors contain mini-stories about the characters, extra resources or alternate pathways to traverse the level. Although these bits of information help slightly, they are not enough to make the player ignore the fact that they are revisiting the same locations.

Despite some grievances with the combat and repetition, the game still provides an intriguing murder-mystery with engaging characters that make the world feel truly realized. With around 10 hours of gameplay, Omensight is well worth your time if you enjoy fantasy worlds and feeling like a detective.