SCT’s New Young Adults Program

By Amanda Moses

Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) Department of Public Safety (DPS) debuted a new initiative “SCT Young Adults Program,” for residents ages 18-21 on May 20th. The program provides a safe and educational/recreational space for young adults who have aged out of the Teen Central Program.

Office Charles Royster joined the SCT’s Department of Public Safety last fall as DPS’ Youth Officer.  

“There is a population that was aging out of the present Teen Central (TC) Program and want to continue their journey with the TC program.  They can benefit from having a place to be, that would evolve around their growth and interest. I recognize that the transitional period between young adulthood and full-on adulthood can be tricky at best,” Officer Royster said.

It was with this in mind that Officer Royster worked with the Spring Creek Teen Central staff to help facilitate a haven for young adults to interact with their peers, engage in recreational fun, access educational programming, and relax. This new program allows aged out TC members to re-enter a familiar space that is led by Officer Royster.

“Not every lane is for everyone and sometimes we need an off ramp or a rest station where we can nourish ourselves and gather our thoughts and map out the next phase of our travel. I’m hoping that The SCT Young Adults Program can be one of those places,” Officer Royster said.

The SCT Young Adults program is open to SCT residents ages 18-21 on Thursdays from 7pm to 8:45 pm located in the Teen Central office in the lower level of the Brooklyn Sports Club at 1540 Van Siclen Avenue.  Weekly activities will include: anime club, movie screenings, video gaming, mentorship, access to lounge activities (such as the pool, ping pong, and chess) with even more fun to come.

Officer Royster felt that the first meeting was a great success, affording him an additional opportunity to meet and greet members of the community.

“Gaining familiarity and trust is a large part of the success of this kind of program and I expect the numbers to grow with time and proof. I am planning to offer resume writing, job interview skills, Hip Hop dance club, song writing and music production, continuing the Anime club, basketball tournaments, movie nights, and more. But we don’t want to place the cart before the horse. Small steps,” Officer Royster said.

During the opening on May 20th, young adults were invited to participate in a Smash Bros. tournament on the Nintendo Switch and other recreational activities, which was followed by pizza and snacks.

Voshon Thomas was nostalgic remembering attending Spring Creek Teen Central, and upon his return to this social hub as a young adult, he was thoroughly impressed with the program and shared, “I will definitely be back next week!”

For more information on how to register, contact Officer Royster at 718-240-5604 between Wednesday to Sunday from 9am to 4pm.

Photo courtesy of Eileen Level