SELC Shows Their Appreciation for Mothers


The Starrett Early Learning Center (SELC) kicked-off their Mother’s Day celebration on Thursday, May 9th with a fun breakfast at their 125 Schroeders Avenue location. Mothers and other female caregivers were invited to the event so that the students and SELC staff could show their appreciation. The children crafted flowers out of cupcake wrappers, colorful paper, and Chenille Stems (tinsel stems used for arts). These beautifully designed flowers were placed inside of wicker baskets all around the classrooms, along with other spring-themed decorations wishing everyone a “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Mothers were given cards and drawings as their children recited thoughtful poems and sang songs about how amazing moms really are. Nikket Locario was truly touched by the effort put forth from the children and the staff to make this event a memorable experience. “We were all able to get together as mothers to discuss what we were grateful for. I’m grateful for my children, and I’m grateful they are able to thrive,” Locario said.

The mothers sat together and enjoyed a delicious breakfast of fruits and muffins, as well as light refreshments. SELC Director, Tammy Moore, also asked the mothers to thank themselves, which is something women do not do often. Moore said that mothers always think of helping their children and others, but they don’t thank themselves for all of their own efforts.
This SELC event was a much needed respite for mothers during their busy daily routines.

Photo by Amanda Moses