Sewing Machine

Q: I have inherited a Priscilla sewing machine, model 14A314. Can you tell me more about it and, perhaps, its value? — Susan, Surprise, Ariz.

A: The Priscilla sewing machine was manufactured by the New Home Sewing Machine Company and sold mostly through department stores. Your machine was produced in about 1919. I contacted several collectors, who seem to agree that your machine would retail in the $150 to $250 range.

Q: I have a collection of model railroad cars, G grade, which originally belonged to my husband. I am breaking up my home and would like to sell them. –Joan, Lombard, Ill.

A: The first thing that you should do is determine the value of your model railroad cars. Even though there are several excellent price guides, I especially like “O’Briens Collecting Toy Trains: Identification and Value,” edited by David Doyle and published by Krause Books. This reference has more than 6,000 listings, including locomotives, cars, rolling stock and accessories. Since it is updated frequently, the prices seem to reflect the marketplace. To sell, you might want to post your collection on eBay to attract a national pool of buyers.

Q: I have a Tom and Jerry comic, No. 65, which was published in about 1949. Does it have any value? — Tom, Des Moines, Iowa

A: I found your comic referenced in “The Standard Guide to Golden Age Comics,” by Alex G. Malloy and Stuart W. Wells III. According to this guide, your comic was issued in July 1949 and is worth about $100. As with most collectibles, condition is extremely important. For example, if your comic shows a great deal of wear, it could only be worth only $20 or so.

Q: I have a “Re-Elect Ike” poster from the 1956 campaign. I bought it for $50 at a flea market, and I think I got a good deal. What is your opinion? — Steve, West Palm Beach, Fla.

A: You paid about what the poster is worth. I found it referenced in “Warman’s Political Collectibles: Identification and Price Guide,” by Dr. Enoch L. Nappen and published by Krause Books. According to Dr. Nappen, your poster is valued in the $35 to $50 range.

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 By Larry Cox

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