Silver Coin Collection

By Larry Cox

 Q: In my mother’s estate is a coin collection, including an 1883 silver coin that has a face of a lady with a decorative vine of flowers. How much is it worth? — C.W., Brooklyn, New York

A: It sounds like your coin is a silver dollar. With coins, condition is extremely important. Because I have not seen the coin and am not even certain which one it is, that is about as far as I can go. Since you live in Brooklyn, my advice is to show your coin to several dealers in your area for an idea of current value. I do not answer questions except in my column.

 Q: During the 1940s, I received a Dumbo cookie jar. I still have it and wonder if it has any value. — Lynda, Grand Junction, Colorado

A: Dumbo is one of my favorite Disney characters. In the 1941 film, a circus elephant was born with ears so big that both he and his mother became objects of humiliation. The film was a major success, and its score by Oliver Wallace and Frank Churchill won an Academy Award.

In all of the years that I have prowled antique shops and malls, I have never seen a Dumbo cookie jar. I did find it referenced in “The Official Price Guide to Disney Collectibles” by Ted Hake and published by House of Collectibles. According to Hake, your cookie jar is valued in the $65 to $250 range depending on condition.

Q: While digging in an old trash dump in Ohio, I found several dozen bottles. The one that has me stumped is an old soda pop bottle for Triple AAA root beer. I have never heard of it and suspect my bottle could be scarce. — Rob, Canton, Ohio

A: I found your bottle referenced in “Petretti’s Soda Pop Collectibles Price Guide,” published by Krause. Allan Petretti is one of the foremost authorities in this field of collecting. His book indicates your bottle is probably from the 1950s, and in good condition (no chips or cracks) could be worth as much as much as $235. Not a bad find. Incidentally, the company’s slogan was “Makes Thirst a Joy.”

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