SMART Financial Management During Covid-19


The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed our world and it’s normal to feel uncertain about many aspects of life, including your finances. Whether or not you are employed, everyone has and will be financially impacted. That is why it is important that you take charge of the areas of your life that you can influence and prepare for the future. One of the best things you can do is
to speak with a financial counselor.

Spring Creek Towers’ partner, Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation (Restoration) has all of their services available remotely. Restoration is here to support you through this crisis and offers all of their free services by phone: job training and placement, benefits screening, mental health support, and financial counseling. For financial counseling, funded by the New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, you can sign up for an appointment at, or call 718-636-6994 to make an appointment.

While we don’t know how long this will last, we know there have been massive job layoffs and there may be more to come. See the next issue of the Spring Creek Sun to learn about Hall’s advice regarding filing for unemployment.

Michael Hall is a financial counselor with Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation. As a financial counselor he helps individuals allocate their funds better, deal with debt, weigh in on legal options, and even save for a rainy day. To make an appointment with Financial Counselor, Michael Hall call 311 or visit the website: