Spring Creek Afterschool Program’s Concert


Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) has an assortment of youth-oriented activities available to the community, offering cultural enrichment and recreational fun for children of all ages. On June 14th, these community groups showcased their programs during a year-end concert in PS 346’s auditorium.

The event began with high flying jumps, kicks and barrel rolls demonstrated by the all-star Starrett Judo Club. Led by Coach Parnell Legros, a former Olympian, the students in the program ranged from five years old to adulthood. Each martial artist exhibited the skills they learned with precision, giving off the impression that even their youngest pupils were masters of self-defense. The audience was amazed by the strength and skill conducted by the Judo Club, which is all developed through trust and respect for one another.

Spring Creek Teen Central also participated in the event by demonstrating the skills they learned through their multimedia program, TC Vision. During the winter, members were given digital production lessons with Apollo Theater’s Teaching Artist, Oliver “Steff” Reed. In addition to Reed’s techniques, teens were able to practice recording, mixing and producing music with TC Visions’ software and tools. Teen Central member, Sara Fortunado, applied these techniques and performed her own rendition of Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable”.

The final performances were dances by students in the Spring Creek Afterschool Program. Some of these routines were choreographed by staff, who wanted to display the children’s vast knowledge of the evolution of dance. There was also a culminating performance involving all of the students enrolled in the Spring Creek Afterschool Program’s SWEAT Junior exercise activity. From kindergarten to fifth grade, the children showed off dance routines they learned from SWEAT Junior, folding their arms and kicking their feet from side to side while a DJ played “Let it Whip.”

These programs help children break a sweat using healthy cardio exercises infused with cool dance moves, and that’s not all they learn. Each of these community activities works towards developing students socially, educationally, and physically.

Photos by Amanda Moses