Spring Creek Afterschool Students Soar High at iFly!

Afterschool program students are preparing to soar high.

Afterschool program students are preparing to soar high.


Have you ever wanted to feel free and fly like a bird? Ten of the Spring Creek Afterschool Program fourth and fifth graders and four of Teen Central’s students did just that! On April 28th, the Spring Creek Afterschool Program students went to iFly, a simulated indoor skydiving experience located in the Ridge Hill Shopping Center in Yonkers, New York.

The trip to iFly was part of the PASE EXPLORERS project, which is a six month community/cultural exploration project that allowed the fourth, fifth grade and teen central students to discover more about their community, their borough and various diverse cultures within them. The cost of this trip was covered by a PASE EXPLORERS mini grant, which the Spring Creek Afterschool Program received.

Afterschool group leaders were also excited to experience the simulated sky diving experience. “I am excited for the experience of actually skydiving,” said Afterschool Group Leader, Crystal Bandie. Students had a certified flight instructor teach them the proper body position for flying and hand signals to use while flying.

Students then were able to gear up with the proper flight suit, helmet and goggles to wear while flying. After the flight the instructors lead the students out of the flight chambers they returned the flight suits, helmets and goggles.

I-Fly2The kids were able to participate in a flight simulation workshop and explore the various scientific strategies with Sky Diving. It was very thrilling and amazing to experience the feeling of freefall as students floated on a smooth cushion of air.

“It was an experience of a lifetime to feel the great feeling of skydiving,” said Afterschool Group Leader, Randi Ray.

The students were enthusiastic about the sky diving simulation and the funny feeling that each of them had. It was very unique experience seeing that all of the students have never flown before. One of the students Christian Santiago said,” As a part of PASE Explorers, it made a dream of flying become a reality for me.”

“We would do this trip again because it brings students out of a comfort zone and broaden their experience outside the box of just where they live,” said Jeremy Williams, Spring Creek Afterschool Program Director. Photos courtesy of: Spring Creek Afterschool Program