Teen Central Swimmers Make a Splash


Spring Creek Towers’ Teen Central (TC) swimmers are making waves in the pool at the Brooklyn Sports Club (BSC). These members of Teen Central are getting into the water and are thrilled to be able to enjoy one of their favorite past times, swimming on Wednesdays and Thursday for two hours. During this time, they can have fun, and also get fit by exercising in the water. Aquatic training is easier because the water creates a resistance similar to weights and individuals are more flexible within the pool. When exercising in the water you can stretch further, and this works the different muscles of the body.

There are two young ladies who are prominent and consistent TC members who enjoy swimming at the BSC: Kaitlyn Suggs and Graciana Van Dyke.

Suggs is one of TC’s members who enjoys swimming. She is a senior in high school and on the honor roll. She enjoys recreational swim and has basic swimming skills.

Van Dyke, is another TC swimmer who has advanced swimming skills. She has been swimming since she was two years old and is currently enrolled in the five-week endurance-training program at the BSC. Her goal is to pass the Junior Lifeguard exam in June, and she is hoping to be accepted into the BSC Junior Lifeguard program as a staff member.
When asked why they enjoy their TC Swim time at the BSC, both Suggs and Van Dyke said, “It’s so refreshing, other teens should sign up.”

“I think enjoying the privilege to have a safe space where our teens can swim is needed. It’s great exercise and works the entire body and is a great resource for the Zoom fatigue the teens have experienced over the last year,” said Lonai Mosley, Director of Teen Central.

If any teens would like to join Teen Central please email: teen central.springcreek@gmail.com
Photos courtesy of Teen Central