Vintage Neckties

Q: My grandpa was a traveling salesman throughout the 1930s and ’40s. He managed to accumulate more than 200 vintage neckties, and I inherited his collection a number of years ago. Some of the more interesting ones, at least to me, are the hand painted with Western themes. I am now in the process of downsizing and hate to just donate this collection to a charity. I hope you can recommend someone who would more fully appreciate these wonderful ties. — Cynthia, Largo, Fla.

A: Barry Hautala is a collector who has more than 10,000 neckties in his personal collection. I spoke to him about the ones you have, and even though he said he has become extremely selective, he has agreed to advise you and share his expertise. His address is 1860 Greentree Drive, Plover, WI 54467.

He suggests you check out an excellent website for general information about this field of collecting. One of the better references is “Fit-To-Be-Tied” by Dr. Ron Spark and published by Abbeville Press.

Q: My mom and I have collected salt and pepper shakers for more than 30 years. Can you recommend a good price guide to help us determine current values? — Peg, St. Charles, Mo.

A: Although there are several guides available, I especially like the “Antique Trader Salt & Pepper Shaker Price Guide” by Mark F. Moran and published by Krause Books. More than 1,000 salt and pepper shakers are arranged into two sensible categories: shakers by form and shakers by maker. Each listing includes a color photo for positive identification, along with a description, history and pricing that I think accurately reflects the marketplace.

Q: Recently, I bought a set of four berry bowls in the Homespun pattern. They are pink in color. I paid $25 for the set of four at a church sale. Did I get a good bargain? — Susan, Chesterfield, Mo.

A: According to “Warman’s Depression Glass: A Value and Identification Guide” by Ellen T. Schroy and published by Krause Books, your pattern was made by the Jeannette Glass Company of Jeannette, Pa., between 1939 and 1949. Schroy lists your bowls for $15 each, so yes, you got a bargain.

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