Vintage Television Set

 Q: At a recent estate sale, I purchased an early TV set, a CBS Columbia, Model RX 90 console with a 15-inch screen. I paid $50, and bought it because I had never seen a CBS set before. Do you think I got a good deal? — Rob, Chicago

A: According to “Antique Trader Radio and Television Price Guide,” edited by Kyle Husfloen and published by Krause Books, you made an excellent buy. Your set was manufactured in 1954 and was of the first color TVs marketed. It is considered rare, and Husfloen values the set at $5,000.

Q: I have three Rover Boys novels: “Shipwrecked,” “The Struggle for the Stanhope Fortune” and “The Search for the Missing Bonds.” Are they valuable? — Henry, Conway, Arkansas

A: It depends on the edition and condition. Prices generally range from about $3 to $45 and above. A good reference and price guide is All About Collecting Boys’ Series Books by John Axe and published by Hobby House Press. This book may be a little difficult to find, but it is one of the better references for this field of collecting.

Q: I have a Victorian-era Majestic wood stove. Could you tell me how much it is worth? — Raymond, Albuquerque, New Mexico

 A: Since 1973, Richard Richardson and his daughter, Sara, aka The Stove Princess, have been involved with vintage stoves and ranges. Their business, located in Goshen, Massachusetts, buys, sells, restores and appraises vintage stoves and ranges, and might be able to help you establish a value for your Majestic. Contact for the Good Time Stove Company is 413-268-3677, and Check out their excellent Website at

Q: I have an “Annie Mansion” in its original box. It was made by Knickerbocker Toys in 1982, and I assume the set I have is complete. What is the value of it? — Pat, Sun City, Arizona

A: I found your several sets at priced in the $300 to $500 range. Several weeks ago, I saw a set in its original box at an antiques mall in Phoenix. It was $90. A week later, it was gone.

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By Larry Cox