A Hybrid Lights On Afterschool

By Amanda Moses

The Spring Creek After School Program hosted their annual Lights On Afterschool on November 22nd, a cross country initiative that rallies together thousands of parents, students and instructors  to spread awareness regarding the importance of afterschool programing for communities.

Launched in 2000 by the Afterschool Alliance, this celebration honors afterschool programs dedicated to providing safe and affordable access to educational activities for children.  The Afterschool Alliance reports that these initiatives spark interests in students and encourages them to enhance their learning, develop better grades, and improves the children’s classroom behavior.

The Spring Creek After School Program hosted this year’s program using their first ever hybrid model, allowing parents and family to watch via Zoom students partipate in-person at PS 346 from 3:30pm to 5pm.

The theme for this year’s event was, “Taking care of ourselves and being positing to others,”   this consisted of an afternoon filled with arts and crafts, STEAM projects, and several physical activities.   Prior to the festivities, the children recited their program’s chant: “Yo Spring Creek, Yo Spring Creek, Yo! Spring Creek Kids are here to stay. We came to learn, we came to play. We strive to be the best we can.” They then showed off several dance moves with group leader, Jonathan as parents watched and clapped along virtually.

After the celebration kicked off, the students were divided into four groups. Kindergarten and first grade worked together to create paper boxes, while second and third graders worked on a team-building project stacking cups with strings and rubber bands, and fourth and fifth graders used clay to create objects that reflect their self-expression.

“It feels very good to be back and to be here together. It’s a great experience and it’s good  to be learning a new way of instructing using technology to create effective, fresh ideas,” Randi Ray, Site Supervisor for the Spring Creek After School Program.

Overall, the parents and children relished their time learning and engaging in new activities together.

Photos by Amanda Moses

Amanda Moses