A Review of BM’s First Solo Concert

By Amanda Moses

Korean American K-Pop idol Big Matthew (BM) made sure to make his first solo concert a night to remember for New Yorkers on May 21st.

Adoring fans of BM and his co-ed South Korean group, KARD, lined 11th Street and 2nd Avenue outside of Webster Hall last Tuesday in anticipation for a sultry albeit secretive performance since it was only open to attendees 21+ and phones were prohibited to elevate the concert experience. Fans arrived dressed in latex, leather, and other clothing worthy of a burlesque show, and these Hidden KARDS—the name affectionately given to his fanbase—were finally ready for their turn to see BM’s The After The After Party Tour (ATAP).

It was fitting that BM’s performance was held in the iconic Webster Hall, where many years ago it hosted its own nightlife scene filled with burlesque competitions. Still containing remnants of its past debauchery with dance poles atop the balcony area, a shining disco ball gleamed over the crowd of a thousand who clamored into the dimly lit Grand Ballroom, looking upon the stage with bright smiles on their faces. 

Korean Canadian duo Justin Trash and Roc Lee of CLUB BOYBND set the stage with their phenomenal opening act for BM that many would not forget. Lit up in neon red and green, both men dominated the stage with their high energy and swagger singing a few of their hits: “like this,” “kiss me thru the phone,” and “hmu.”

Both men effortlessly performed their R&B style of music, amping up the crowd with their club beats. Throughout their performance, Roc Lee who was sporting a Yankees fitted cap swayed his hips to the music as Justin Trash who donned a Seoul Balenciaga T-shirt jumped into the barricade toward fans outstretched hands.

The second opening act featured Sunkis, a Taiwanese American singer and songwriter who showed why his hit song is called “Top Tier.”  His smooth voice made his romantic melodies so much more entrancing with hits like “Like I do,” and “trust me.” This sultry demeanor was especially shown to one lucky fan who won a raffle earning her an intimate serenade on stage with Sunkis.

Sitting atop a wooden chair, the giggling fan couldn’t help but stare agape at Sunkis as he sang to her while caressing her shoulders.

Sunkis’ serenade was a mere appetizer to a night of light debauchery and fun.

When the pièce de resistance, BM sauntered on stage in his ripped jeans, bejeweled cowboy belt buckle, latex jacket and sunglasses the entire Grand Ballroom filled with ear piercing screams.

While BM often refers to himself as goofy, his performance was certainly anything but. He commanded the stage unlike any other K-Pop idol in a way that speaks to his renowned charisma. He is truly unapologetic, unfiltered and unstoppable, and this ATAP tour is proof of that.

BM shimmed his hips as if his life depended on it, almost invoking the urge for dollar bills to be thrown upon the stage from fans. While he maintained a respectable boundary between playful and sexy, he noted how the fans kept demanding that he remove his tank top to showcase his infamous muscles that he has often displayed in his workout photos via social media.

Three lucky fans won an opportunity to show BM their own dance moves with a “Twerkathon” with the winner earning a signed jersey and silver bracelet.

This was then followed by a provocative lap dance given to another lucky fan by BM himself.

Grabbing a water bottle from the stage, BM smiled and tossed its contents onto the crowd as they screamed, danced, and cheered. Much to the fans’ appreciation, he finally tossed off his tank top and sprayed himself with water as he danced and sang, “13IVI” followed by “Bad girl Bad boy,” and “Motion.”

Looking out into the audience with a big smile across his face, BM shared his appreciation for his diverse group of fans and their staunch support.

One thing can be said about BM after his first solo tour, which is that he has certainly earned the title of Magic Matthew. 

Photos by Amanda Moses

Amanda Moses