April Showers for Spring in SCT

By Amanda Moses

April showers are said to bring May flowers and while we wait for more blossoms to bloom, at Spring Creek Towers residents are already enjoying the signs of spring.

Some may say the groundhog is a predictor as to when spring will be sprung, but at SCT it’s definitely the sight of Mister Softee’s ice cream truck. Just as the school bells ring for dismissal, dozens of children rush over to the truck for a cold afternoon snack.

With the warmer weather, some choose to prepare to sow seeds so that they can flourish in May and June. One senior couple purchased a few seedlings such as tulips to plant outside of their apartment building in the G Section, while members of the Spring Creek After School Program learned about gardening inside of the Spring Creek Recreational Fund’s Urban Garden Classroom.

Although there have been several rainy days, many of the residents have basked in the brief respite of warm sunny afternoon walks around the many winding pathways.

Photos by Amanda Moses and Spring Creek After School Program

Amanda Moses