Celebrating Women’s History Month in SCT

By Amanda Moses

March is Women’s History month, a period where we salute the achievements made by females around the nation. In honor of the dedicated women living and working in the Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) community, the Spring Creek Sun has cultivated a list of females who have blazed a trail right here in Brooklyn.

Carmen Daniels is a senior who has gone above and beyond as a member and volunteer at the JASA Starrett City Center. Daniels is known for her kind heart since she is always willing to lend a helping hand and spend her time to listening to her fellow JASA members. She has utilized her experience as a former principal and generously participated in various presentations for seniors. In addition to offering her educational expertise, Daniels has shared her passion for skincare by donating beauty products to fellow JASA members.

Sheila Pinder has lived in SCT for over 26 years and when it was finally her time to retire in 2012, she happily took the opportunity to join Spring Creek Senior Partners, JASA and the Vandalia Senior Center. Pinder was never one to sit idly with her new-found free time, instead she chose to stay active with a wide variety of activities with her fellow older adults. She even decided to volunteer her time calling other seniors and assisting Senior Partners with various events. Pinder continues to advocate for older adults to stay mentally and physically active. This is what Pinder says is the key to being healthy and happy.

Tahnaya Johnson is a Compliance Manager with Twin Pines Management. After one year joining the team Johnson has exhibited a level of excellence in both serving residents in the SCT community as well as her colleagues. Johnson’s innovative and enthusiastic personality has created a work environment that inspires those around her to also go above and beyond the call of duty. Starting her career as a real estate industry administrative assistant, Johnson’s steadfast demeanor helped her to quickly move up the ranks serving as a recertification specialist and then compliance manager. The ability to move up these ranks is no easy feat; it takes a high level of dedication and determination. Johnson has also earned numerous accolades such as Certified Compliance Professional certificate, LIHTC, NYS Notary License, and Real Estate Certificate. Spring Creek Towers’ staff offers their congratulation to Johnson as she steps into her new role as an Assistant Director of Compliance.

Velma Weeks is another stellar senior using her leisure retirement time to help other older adults at JASA Starrett Senior Center. Her passion for art has led to Weeks co-leading the center’s jewelry making class and consistently encourages others to embrace their artistic side. For Weeks the fine art of jewelry crafting keeps the mind sharp and creative as well as promotes socialization and a level of physicality for those who might have arthritis in their hands.

Velissa Soler was recently promoted to Director of Operations and Customer Service for Twin Pines Management. Soler’s determination to resolve difficult situations with residents and ability to deescalate tense situations has created a level of trust and reliability for the community. Soler is empathetic and sincere in her efforts, taking responsibility over the Property Management team, Reception, the Inspectors and the Call Center. The ability to have a cool head in stressful circumstances has been an asset to the management team, making her a person to trust and confide in.

Amanda Moses