Community Health & Wellness Fair

By: Pamela Stern

The Opportunity Hub’s Community Health and Wellness Fair on Saturday, April 22nd was held in the lower level of the Brooklyn Sports Club. There were nine community partners and approximately 50 community members visit the health and wellness fair including New York State Senator, Roxanne Persaud.  

This health and wellness fair encompassed a plethora of information from many resources. Some of the community partners who participated were: NYC Love Hub, New York Life, JASA, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, Rebound, Four Seasons Home Health Care, NYS Senator Persaud’s Office, Live On New York, and The Opportunity Hub. The Opportunity Hub also gave out books that were donated to them by the Brooklyn Book Bodega.

“Today I joined staffers, Christine Delius and Jennifer Viechweg-Horsford who represented me at this wonderful event. My team gave out resource packets, hand sanitizers and treats to the attendees. It’s great to be able to bring resources to the community and to support various organizations in the district in their outreach efforts,” said Persaud.

“The Opportunity Hub was thrilled to host a resource fair on Earth Day for the Spring Creek Towers community. We were fortunate to have the participation of dedicated community partners and residents, committed to increasing health and wellness in our community. We are already planning for an outdoor resource fair this summer, so be on the lookout for more information about upcoming events with The Opportunity Hub,” said Nanda Prabhakar, Executive Director of The Opportunity Hub.

Photos courtesy of: The Opportunity Hub

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Pamela Stern