Couples Unite for Love in Times Square


Couples declared their love for each other on Valentine’s Day in an epic fashion by promising eternity to one another through proposals, weddings, and even vow renewals in Times Square.

New Yorkers could hear the heart of Times Square beat loudly as they watched two weddings, two surprise proposals and a plethora of vow renewals thanks to the 15th Annual Love in Times Square event. Hosted by the Times Square Alliance and Minted Weddings, the event seeks to showcase that Times Square is truly the crossroads of the world by allowing a diverse group of couples profess their un-dying love. 

Gigantic heart-shaped hedges, designed by Almost Studio, were erected in front of the red steps of Father Duffy Square along with several rows of chairs creating a romantic atmosphere for couples to get married in. 

Starting at 11 am, Brooklynites Kristen LaBoy and Jesus Torres took the leap and decided to get married in Times Square. Their lives are akin to a modern-day fairytale, a love in the time of COVID-19 story, where two people met online during the pandemic lockdown. This formed an everlasting bond that was also tied to LaBoy’s love for Broadway, which was why she decided to get married in Times Square—the heart of her theater geek passion. 

An hour later, David Machado wanted to surprise his girlfriend, Sarah Persaud, with a heart-stopping surprise proposal. Machado brought Persaud’s attention to the American Eagle screen where the words, “Sarah, Will you marry me” appeared. Machado knelt down on one knee, and presented Sarah with a diamond ring, to her shock she covered her mouth and nodded yes tearfully. Confetti burst into the air as the couple embraced as Bruno Mars’ “Marry me” played. 

Wasting no time, at noon wedding bells once again rang for long-time couple Rachel Federman and Alexandre Perez. While they’ve been together for almost 21 years and have two children, they hadn’t made it legally binding. After years of pestering their parents, nine-year-old Petra and her brother 15-year-old Wally were finally able to convince them to marry. 

The last event for the afternoon saw Michigan couple Gary Puhl and his partner Zaid Kamousi become engaged. Puhl attempted to stay cool and surprise Kamousi as he circled Times Square awaiting the words “Zaid, will you marry me?” to appear on the American Eagle billboard screen. When the moment came, Kamousi was taken aback at the surprise proposal and jumped into Puhl’s arms, nodding his head “Yes” and kissing him passionately. 

In the evening, couples were able to register for vow renewals on the red steps in Father Duffy Square. 

Photos by Amanda Moses 

Amanda Moses