By Amanda Moses

One South Korean group performed eight shows in six cities for an encore tour that saw thousands of fans from Seoul, Korea to New York.

On May 3rd, K-Pop extraordinaries ENYPHEN returned to the United States for their last stop on the FATE PLUS tour, featuring a revamped setlist from last year’s FATE concert as well as new stage sets and fan experiences.

Kicking off three shows in the KSPO Dome in Seoul from February 23rd to February 25th, ENHYPEN aimed to provide one of the best showcases to date. Following this performance, the group made five stops in the United States: Anaheim, Oakland, Tacoma, Chicago, and Belmont Park.

May 3rd marked the final stop on their tour at the UBS Arena in Belmont Park, and for the band it was a bittersweet moment because they had so much fun visiting each city.

Performing 25 songs with several interactive segments breaks in between, fans—affectionately known as ENGENEs—were able to dance, sing and cheer for their favorite group.  Hits such as “Drunk-Dazed,” “FEVER,” “Still Monster,” “Attention, Please!” and others had ENGENEs jumping and screaming for joy.

Created by BELIFT LAB, ENHYPEN made their debut in November 2020 with its members: JUNGWON, HEESEUNG, JAY, JAKE, SUNGHOON, SUNOO, and NI-KI. Their namesake, ENHYPEN symbolizes a connection; it is through their music that ENHYPEN seeks to discover this connection between one another and grow together, breaking through language barriers and becoming a global success.

ENHYPEN has been labeled as a powerhouse because of their strong stage presence, musicality, and talent, which has earned them three spots on Billboard’s 200 Top 10 albums (MANIFESTO: DAY 1, DARK BLOOD and ORANGE BLOOD).

It was no surprise to those in attendance at the UBS Arena that ENHYPEN would bring forth the very best in their talents.  This tour included fun interactions with fans such as a football being kicked into the crowd during Tamed-Dashed or dancing with costume Pikachu’s as they sang “One and Only.”  Even with an elevated platform and confetti bursting through the air as they performed “KARMA”, ENHYPEN remained in sync and energetic.

ENGENEs were also treated to guitar performances by JAY and a piano solo by HEESUNG. Each segment left those in attendance in awe, and with the hope that the night would not end.

While ENHYPHEN closed with “KARMA,” they promised to return back and, in the meantime, prepare ENGENEs for a new album that will also be released soon. 

Photos of ENHYPEN courtesy of BELIFT LAB

Photos of fans by Amanda Moses

Amanda Moses