FDNY Combines Fire Safety with a Ghostbuster Film Promotion

By Amanda Moses

On March 14th, FDNY officials partnered with SONY studios to help promote fire safety as well as the latest Ghostbuster film at Ladder 8—the firehouse from where the 1984 comedy/horror flick was born.

While many of us can answer the catchy slogan, “Who are you going to call,” with a resounding shout, “Ghostbusters,” the real emergency heroes at hand wanted to make sure to put a “freeze on home fires” through safety education workshops.

Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh kicked off the promotional effort by stressing the importance of making sure New Yorkers were safe and prepared for an emergency, which is why Ladder 8—also known as the Ghostbuster firehouse—was the prime location to host a series of free CPR classes, smoke alarm installation registry, fire safety literature, and Ghostbuster film memorabilia.

“It is actually nice to be able to have a happy event to celebrate our work and frankly to have a great show that we do believe is going to help proactively save lives, makes everyone safer, makes New Yorkers safer,” Fire Commissioner Kavanagh said. “Members from EMS will be teaching bystander CPR, it’s a type of CPR anyone can do. We all know that early intervention can save lives.”

Ladder 8 was completely “frozen” over with icicles and other film props to promote Ghostbuster: Frozen Empire from March 14th until the movie’s release on March 23rd.  Even Z100 took part offering free tickets to the premiere for those with the best costumes and Ghostbuster themed tattoos. Hordes of fans came dressed in their very best ghost hunting attire including proton packs and there was even an Ecto One mobile parked outside of the firehouse.

As children learned CPR alongside their parents, others prepared themselves to meet and greet stars from Ghostbuster: Frozen Empire such as Director Gil Kenan, actor from the 1984 film Ernie Hudson, and new cast members from the revived series McKenna Grace and Logan Kim.

“Ghostbusters was the first film that I saw when we moved to Los Angeles in 1984, it was my first big Hollywood experience and I remember sitting in the theater and having my mind blown,” Director Gil Kenan said. “We wanted to bring the story right back here to Lower Manhattan where this entire saga began. Right back to this firehouse the soul of Ghostbusters.”

While in Tribeca Ladder 8 celebrated the film alongside fire safety, at Spring Creek Towers’ seniors also learned the finer points of fire preparedness from FDNY’s Fire Safety Educator, Captain Joseph Delligatti on March 12th.

Captain Delligatti showcased the importance or preparation and being proactive when it comes to fire safety as well as the difference between a carbon monoxide and fire alarm warning sound.

Photos by Amanda Moses

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