JASA Salutes Pride, Wellness and Juneteenth

JASA Starrett Senior Center believes in providing their seniors with a well-rounded assortment of activities to participate in and to help keep their mind, body, and soul active. On June 14th, the senior center invited Nakisha Smith from where to hold a wellness workshop, while also commemorating Pride and Juneteenth with festive decorations and videos during their lunchtime.

“It is extremely important to host events like this to encourage all older adults to participate in physical activities.  As you know, moving is the key to reducing many of the ailments that are attached to aging.  We are working to meet the older adults wherever they might be in their physical levels and encourage participation,” Donna Forde said, Director of JASA Starrett Senior Center.

JASA members gathered beneath the warm sunshine outside of the Brooklyn Sports Club’s (BSC) lower level where they sat for Smith’s workshop, Intro to AlwayzFit4Lyfe.  During this session, Smith showed the older adults how to stretch and gently move their bodies while also encouraging them to be keep both their mind and body active. She prompted the seniors to continuously say positive affirmations about loving themselves and accepting who they are.

For Smith her interaction with the older adults is always inspiring because their positive energy makes her want to “live life longer.”

“It’s a blessing just to be able to have that transference of energy between each other and just help people to live longer and live happier,” Smith said.

For those who suffer from chronic aches and pains, Smith says don’t let that stop you from moving! “Body aches and pains are gonna happen anyway. So, it’s better just to have them from movement and, maybe you’ll have less pain in general,” Smith said.

Photos by Amanda Moses

Amanda Moses