Local Middle Schools Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness

By Amanda Moses

During the last week of October, both Gateway Intermediate School (IS) 364 and Frederick Douglass Academy (FDA) VIII made strides against breast cancer with their annual walk around the community.

Donning bright pink shirts, the middle schoolers walked around the many winding paths in Spring Creek Towers (SCT) to raise awareness of the dangers of breast cancer and the importance of early detection.

Makayla Haywood, 10, shared that it makes her feel good to be a part of her school’s breast cancer walk because with each step she hopes to make a difference.

“I feel that this breast cancer walk is a nice way to spread awareness,” Haywood said. “I think it’s important to do these walks because it’s a nice way for students and scholars to spread awareness and let other people know how important early detection is.”

Mia Miller agreed, adding that she has several family members who have succumbed to the deadly disease. In light of this, she vows to always wear pink in October for those who survived and passed away from breast cancer. 

“I agree, when you wear pink in October it shows that you are [proudly] walking for a breast cancer cure,” Miller said.

“It gives awareness to people who might be struggling with cancer and lets them know that people are supporting them and are there for them,” Dae’lah Barbier, 13, said.

Photos by Amanda Moses and IS 364

Amanda Moses