New York Fashion Week at Runway 7 


Runway 7 took New York Fashion Week (NYFW) by storm from February 9th to February 12th. Combining the glitz and glamour of high fashion with the lights of Times Square, this extravagant showcase entertained with music, performances, and bravura. 

On Thursday, February 9th, global style icon Susanne Bartsch kicked off NYFW with the LOOK III runway presentation for the NYFW Fall/Winter 2023 season. Showcasing the brand new Bartschland e-commerce platform, where a 50-piece intricate clothing set depicted versatility to transform from graceful formal wear to comfortable street style. 

In addition, to the Bartchland collection, the showcase also featured designers; Beilharz Official, Ren Haixi, John Mangru, Veritee, Renee Masoomian, and Abraham Levy. 

Runway 7 Fashion is the first vertical platform of its kind, creating a diverse and inclusive environment of up-and-coming designers for NYFW. In celebration of Runway 7’s fourth season, the organization worked to donate 50% of all ticket sales to Mount Sinai hospital for multiple sclerosis research. 

“So, for this year, specifically, our main goal is to double what it is that we’ve been able to donate up to date, we’ve donated about $50,000 to Mount Sinai MS research and so we’re looking to double that this year,” Diane Vara, Runway 7 Director of Communications, told the Spring Creek Sun

According to Vara, Runway 7’s mission is to utilize their hybrid platform to help represent the best in cultural diversity and inclusivity allowing opportunities for designers to tell their own unique stories and provide a stage that helps both nonprofits and good causes. 

“We’re a vertically integrated 360 degrees of services, meaning we also offer manufacturing for a lot of these designers. And so, we’ve got a full-service platform that can do that from inception all the way to the runway. We’re always looking for diverse and inclusive types of designers. So, we work with designers from all around the world,” Vara said. 

Photos by Amanda Moses 

Amanda Moses