Nutrition and Cooking Lessons with Coach Legros

By: Pamela Stern

He’s back!!! Starrett City Judo Club’s Coach Legros is back to help you start the new year off by teaching parents and students how to cook easy nutritious meals. One infamous New Year’s resolution is to eat healthy and Coach Legros is here to assist you with that. Not only will you learn how to create these simply healthy meals but, Legros also includes nutrition facts for the ingredients along with his humorous personality.

Coach Legros’ nutrition lessons are on Tuesday evenings from 6-8pm on Zoom. This allows you to either watch and take notes or participate in the cooking lessons along with Coach Legros.

Each week Legros sends out an email with the ingredients for the next lesson, which allows you ample time to go to your supermarket to purchase the items needed for the lessons so you can cook along with him.

In his list of ingredients he affectionately also lists Legrosspices, and jokingly he says that they are not sold in stores as Legrosspices but, that is what he calls the spices that he consistently uses in his meal creations. You may be wondering what the heck is Legrosspices, well they are: Celtic Salt (This has 92 minerals in it), turmeric (This is an anti-inflammatory ingredient), black pepper, garlic powder, and last cayenne pepper (Do not touch your face after using this spice!), Legros reminds the viewers to wash their hands after using the cayenne pepper.

In the lessons that Legros has been giving he explains that all of the ingredients must be washed not only the vegetables, but also the canned items and the rice. These lessons also explain the importance of how to store the items that are not being used. For example, he explains that when placing unused vegetables in a plastic bag that you should take the air out of the bag and close the bag tightly to get rid of the oxidation. Legros also teaches the kids and their parents how he cleans up as he goes along cooking, so that he does not have to clean everything after eating the delicious meal.

Legros’ lessons have included how to make a delicious vegetable wrap, a vegetable soup, two different delectable rice dishes, and a nutritious pasta dish. Some of the Judokas (judo students) and their parents enjoy these lessons because it gives them a chance to bond with their parents and some of the Judokas even get together and cook and have dinner together. This warms Coach Legros heart.

Screenshots by: Pamela Stern

Photos by: Ms. Washington, Eurydice Robinson, and Krystal Pena

Pamela Stern