P1Harmony’s 1st Album Killin’ It

By Amanda Moses

South Korean boy band P1Harmony is truly “Killin’ it” with their first full-length album release, spreading the flames of their passion with fans through a weekend of pop-up celebrations across the United States and areas in Europe.

Hello82, a broadcast media company, looked to provide fans of the K-Pop upstarts with a memorable experience in Manhattan, overflowing with signed merchandise and other exclusives. 

P1Harmony made their debut in 2020 with their EP Disharmony: Stand Out, and four years later–after several mini albums–the group, consisting of Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul and Jongseob, are tearing up mainstream music with their electric sound.

Zoë Takishita, 24, proudly considers herself a P1ece—an affectionate name for P1Harmony’s fanbase—since the group’s inception. So, when she saw the concept art for “Killin’ it”, Takishita already knew these young men were breaking the mold with their latest album.

“I really like their aesthetic. I just like how personal they are on all of their content too. You really get a sense of all of their personalities in every single video. They’re not putting on a façade,” Takishita said.

From February 9th to February 11th, KPop Nara (1263 Broadway) and a pop-up in Chinatown (located at 16 Orchard Street) hosted a weekend celebration launching the new album.

Takishita, a Manhattanite, yearned to show her support for P1Harmony by donning a custom-made t-shirt—which she is selling on her Esty and Instagram accounts faeriefoxxe—while purchasing a Jongseob signed album.

Twenty-five-year-old Queens resident Max Phun loves how welcoming the K-Pop community is and the positivity behind the music from bands like P1Harmony. He decided to attend the pop-up at K-Pop Nara to show his support for the group’s first full-length album and meet other fans where he could trade photocards for his favorite artist, Intak.

“For me, especially the K-Pop community is kind and innocent because you can vibe with people, and you could trade [photocards] especially when it comes to pop ups. It’s always fun and it’s a welcoming community,” Phun said.

Photos by Amanda Moses

Amanda Moses