Park West Gallery Says “Hello Dalí” with fashion show and art auction

By Amanda Moses

SoHo’s Park West Gallery kicked-off New York Fashion Week (NYFW) by utilizing their greatest weapon: historical master pieces by renowned artist Salvador Dalí on Feb. 8.

Dubbed “Hello Dalí: Surrealism & Fashion with a Special Auction of the Works of Salvador Dalí,” this stunning collaboration between modern fashion designer Kristina K and the avant-garde style of the iconic Spanish artist Dalí saw dozens of spectators enamored by the subconscious imagery inside of Park West Gallery at 411 West Broadway.

“Dalí collaborated with fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. Together, they brought a cross-pollination to art and fashion. When developing this show, I thought of gowns, big dresses, and playful makeup. Kristina was the perfect partner to transform the gallery into not only a runway but also a living work of art,” event curator, Dr. Stephanie Seungmin Kim said.

Kristina K, a former Project Runway contestant, designed four gowns inspired by Dalí’s “The Divine Comedy,” illustrating the epic poem by Dante Alighieri. At the center of the show, amongst dozens of paintings, a model with crimson rhinestones embedded into her face and wearing a flowing red chiffon gown stood upon a pedestal embodying Dali’s vision of the inferno.

Attendees found themselves caught in between the realms of The Divine Comedy’s Paradise, Purgatory and Inferno amongst sweeping dresses that captured the essence of both the epic poem and the paintings.

Executive Vice President John Block knew that the epitome of the New York City lifestyle are grand events like NYFW, so he looked to make Park West Gallery a part of that staple. Since the SoHo gallery is known for exhibiting historical art pieces, as well as contemporary ones, Block worked with curator Dr. Kim to create a concept that utilizes their strengths.

“The idea is the marriage of art and fashion, so art you can wear and art that your home can wear on its walls,” Block said. “Our Thursday night live auctions have become a bit of a staple for us here at Park West in SoHo, and so tonight we’re going to have a party and we’re going to have a fashion show and then at the end, we’ll auction off the Dalí artworks. We have more than 40 years of Dalí ‘s career represented here.”

Photos by Amanda Moses

Amanda Moses