Please Remove Flammable Decorations

Attn: All Residents

RE: Final Request Regarding Flammable Decorations in Common Area

Management dispatched common area caution notices for all common
areas early last week. We requested that all responsible parties please
remove flammable decorations in the public hallways, lobby and laundry
room areas.

Management/Maintenance observed the following fire hazard still in many
common areas of buildings:
• Flammable and path obstructing adornments or decorations
FDNY Fire Code Section 805.1 states: decorations shall be flame resistant.

Please remove any flammable adornments/decorations immediately. In the
event you are unable to eliminate these items by Monday, January 9th, 2023
our Maintenance Department will bag and store them for resident retrieval.
Management and Maintenance will not be responsible for any personal
property damage during this process.

We thank you for your cooperation,
Twin Pines Management

Amanda Moses