Residents Create Their Own Lovely Visors

By: Pamela Stern

On Saturday, August 5th some of Spring Creek Towers’ (SCT) residents took part in a class where they were able to create their very own lovely visors. This class was $15 per person and was held in the lower level of the Brooklyn Sports Club from 12 noon to 2pm. Light refreshments were also provided to everyone who was taking the class.

In the class, materials were provided to create the visors, which obviously included the visors, flowers, and a host of trimmings which allowed the participants to tap into their creative minds.  These decorative visors showcased the participant’s style along with their creativity.

Professional Milliner, Lisa Shaub instructed this class and showed them many different designs and ways to decorate their visors but, ultimately it was up to the participant to decide how to decorate their own visor.

Photos courtesy of: Eury Luxe

Pamela Stern