Saluting DIVE Studios for AAPI Month

By Amanda Moses

For about six years, DIVE Studios has cultivated a multimedia company that brings artists, particularly those of Asian descent, together to discuss their personal experiences. Founded by brothers Brian, Eric and Eddie Nam in 2019 as a medium to bridge together the global impact of K-Pop, this media company has helped uplift Asian artists, who are far too often underrepresented in the American entertainment industry. Additionally, DIVE Studios developed Mindset in 2021, an innovative wellness application that promotes mental wellness, self-care and shares stories from artists around the globe.

It is through this positive impact that DIVE Studios has had on the world that the Spring Creek Sun salutes them and the artists who participate in their programing for AAPI month.

Brian Nam is the CEO and Co-Founder for DIVE Studios, he has worked tirelessly to develop a company that goes beyond highlighting artists and attempts to peel back the layers behind the K-Pop industry by exposing the discrimination they often face as well as through Mindset to share stories of anxiety, depression, fears and overall normalizes the need to have discussions on these mental health concerns.

Eddie Nam is the Founder and CEO of EN Management, a consulting service company that represents Grammy nominated artists, producers, and songwriters. He has also helped to co-found DIVE Studios with his brothers, which has earned over 60 million viewers and made a global impact on spreading awareness on the lives behind K-Pop idols.

Eric Nam is a K-Pop artist, actor, host, television personality and holds a plethora of other titles too numerous to mention. Nam first made his debut in the K-Pop industry in 2013, and since then has cultivated a beautiful musical repertoire filled with songs that discuss love, loss, depression, and more. He has openly shared his experiences with dark moments, even highlighting that mental wellness is not a topic openly shared, which he stated was one of the motivating factors to create the application Mindset with his brothers.

AleXa has been a guest and even hosted DIVE Studios shows and Mindset’s podcast where she discussed growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma to a South Korean mother and a Russian American father, dealing with racism, and breaking through barriers to become a K-Pop star. AleXa recently partnered with DIVE Studios’ Mindset to release a Limited-Edition Capsule featuring a hat, t-shirt and hoodie with the phrase “I’m okay” on it after her new hit single. For AleXa, the words “I’m okay” are indicative of her strength and ability to persevere through any obstacle so that she could achieve her dreams. In addition, to inspiring others to pursue their dreams, a portion of the proceeds from the Limited-Edition Capsule collection will be donated to the Asian Mental Health Collective (a non-profit focused on reducing the stigma behind mental health in the Asian community).

Peniel Shin is an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois known for his work in K-Pop boyband BtoB. He was cast in DIVE Studios’ variety program, HWAITING!, and hosts a podcast alongside Big Matthew (BM of KARD) and Ashley Choi (a former member of the group Ladies’ Code). Peniel has been open about his experience as a rapper in the K-Pop industry and discusses a variety of topics that other idols do not often share.

Big Matthew (BM) has had a big year so far. As a member of the co-ed K-Pop group KARD, BM has just finished his first solo tour in America entitled The After The After Party (ATAP). While preparing for the tour, releasing his new EP “Element,” he also co-hosts DIVE Studios’ GET REAL where he openly talks about romance, intimacy, and overall breaks down the stereotypes often found around K-Pop idols.

pH-1 is a Korean American rapper who has also been a frequent guest on Dive Studios. In addition, to sharing his story on becoming the rapper he is today, pH-1 has also participated in DIVE Studios Meet and Greets where he met fans at Samsung’s Herald Square flagship store for free.

Photos by Amanda Moses

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