SCSP’s Tie Dye Class 


Spring Creek Senior Partners (SCSP) held a Tie Dye Class on Thursday, October 19th with Rafaela Viera as the instructor teaching older adults how to tie dye their very own T-shirts. 

There were eleven clients who participated in this fun class. Each senior was able to use a multitude of colors in their T-shirts including: green, light green, yellow, red, purple, dark blue, gold, black, and orange. 

During this one-hour class the older adults enjoyed themselves by having a cheerful instructor who encouraged them to use their favorite colors to show off their creativity, designs, and style. 

Some of the clients stated this class made them feel relaxed and it was the perfect opportunity for them to get out of the house and socialize with other seniors in the community. Others said that this class allowed them to become stress free and take their minds off of the current events. 

SCSP members enjoyed this class so much that SCSP will be bringing this class back again in December. 

“Let the colors of the world tie-dye your soul, Life is like a tie-dye shirt, it may have flaws, but it’s still beau-tiful,” said Trichna Parris, the Coor-dinator of Volunteers and Special Events. 

Photos courtesy of: Rafaela Viera 

Pamela Stern