SELC’s Sports Day

By: Pamela Stern

On Friday, May 24th the Starrett Early Learning Center (SELC) held their 2nd Sports Day under the leadership of Ms. Tammy Moore, Executive Director of SELC that was hosted in the gymnasium of the Brooklyn Sports Club (BSC). There were approximately 50 parents, guardians, volunteers (parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings) that participated in this event along with their children and their teachers.

“SELC contracted with Kinderdance and Sportsball this year to provide additional enrichment activities for our students.The sports coach Jovan joined our Sports Day event and led the students in a fun obstacle course and soccer game,” said Moore.

Each classroom had been assigned a particular color to which represented their for Sports Day. The classes wore: blue, green, yellow, orange, or red. Some of the fun sports that the children engaged in were: an obstacle course, hoops, bouncy ball, bean bag toss, basketball hoops, tunnel, ring toss, egg & spoon, potato sack, scooter, and soccer. Our families were so excited. They were full of high energy and we utilized it during a quite competitive game of soccer, led by coach Jovan. It was fun to watch!

This was a great event that inspired family engagement on a beautiful sunny day which motivated everyone for the long Memorial Day weekend. There were no winning teams. Everyone was a winner! All of the students were given medals and each family member received a mini trophy.

SELC Executive Director, Tammy Moore said, “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything!” This quote by Michael J. Fox resonates with me. The effective work we do at SELC is built upon having a strong relationship with our families. This year, we had approximately 50 family members join Sports Day. Some parent/family members who were not able to join in person donated water and/or fruit which everyone was able to have to refresh themselves throughout the event. Over the last five years, events such as Sports Day, is one of four Family Engagement events that I have been able to host at the BSC for our families. These events provide the perfect platform to develop those relationships. During Sports Day, not only did our students exercise their large muscles during active gross motor activities, but there was also engagement, communication and interaction between parent and child, parent and other parents, parent and staff. It was a beautiful sight to witness. Everyone worked together to create a successful day of family engagement.”

Photo courtesy of: SELC

Pamela Stern