Shari Henry Takes NYFW to the Moon

Last month, New York Fashion Week swept throughout the city like a refreshing, albeit freezing, gust of wind. As the frost of winter seems to melt away while we enter the lush spring months, Spring Creek Sun looks back at one show that took spectators on a trip far, far away into another galaxy with its stellar designs.

On February 10th, Shari Henry captivated her audience with sequence suits, dresses and other interstellar looks at the Corner Studios runway show—located at 508 West 26th Street in Chelsea.

This NYFW Winter showcase embodied the boundless boundaries of space with NASA as the inspiration for discovering the unknown. Looking at each outfit was akin to peering through a kaleidoscope of space with a metallic science fiction aura. But Shari Henry did not just design pieces inspired by NASA but partnered with the organization to stress the importance of fashion, science, and pushing explorative boundaries is what creates visionaries for the future.

Prior to the models sashaying onto the runway floor, the Spring Creek Sun got a brief look at what it is like behind the scenes at a New York Fashion Week show.

Dozens of crew members from makeup artists to stylists to seamstresses bustled back and forth in a living room sized space. Some models were still in their undergarments as makeup artists touched up their looks and stylists sewed on hair extensions. While everything appeared to be a cacophony of blow dryers, heels clacking, and a clamor of voices—it was actually a seamless stream of teamwork all overseen by designer Shari Henry.

Still half-dressed and getting her hair done, Henry worked tirelessly to make sure her models and the clothing were runway ready. Her efforts, and her well-chosen team, displayed a level of expertise and sharp action that truly awed those who were lucky enough to observe the work at hand.

Photos by Amanda Moses

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