Spring Creek Towers After School Program’s Black History Showcase

By Amanda Moses

On February 18th, the Spring Creek After School Program hosted a Black History event at PS 346 entitled, “Black is Poppin.”  Utilizing contemporary culture and crucial present day topics the group of students underscored Black empowerment through song, dance, art, and more.

The extravaganza was streamed for parents, friends, and family via Zoom, where viewers were able to cheer on students. The first group was the fifth graders who choreographed a step routine while singing  the “Spring Creek After School” chant.

Stomping their feet and clapping their hands, the children bellowed, “Yo Spring Creek, Yo Spring Creek, Yo! Spring Creek Kids are here to stay. We came to learn; we came to play. We strive to be the best we can!”

“It feels good to let the young people use their creativity to show what Black History is about,” Group Leader, Shakina said. She helped coordinate the fifth graders step routine, which she says was a wonderful experience allowing the children to share their input on various dance moves.

The dance performance was followed by Kindergartners and First Graders stating how they will do their part to help the change the world. Some children said they could change the world through education, by helping those in need, and by sharing personal stories.

“It was fun! I learned from this event that about teamwork and to always do your best. I also was educated about Black History,” said 10-year-old Caitlyn.

The final showcase included a rendition of the song, “We Can Change the World,” by The Jackson 5.

Photos by Amanda Moses

Amanda Moses