Spring Creek Youth Symphony Students Hit High Notes

By: Pamela Stern

Students that are enrolled in the Spring Creek  Youth Symphony  (SCYS) are well rounded and are educated in different facets of music. They learn how to read music, the scales (whether the music is played “sharp” or “flat”), and the keys to play in and of course how to play their selected instrument. Student’s lessons are hybrid which means that they are virtual and on occasion they are in-person. Lessons are a half  hour and are twice a week. The students purchase their music books online and follow along with their instructors. If music that the instructors will be teaching is not in the books then the instructors email the parents and students the music, so it can be downloaded and printed.

Practice makes perfect and the student’s advancements are contingent on the fact that the students are practicing at home in between lessons. Participants in the SCYS showcase their talents during scheduled performances.

Screenshots by: Pamela Stern

Pamela Stern