Staying Cool to Beat the Summer Heat

While the temperatures are starting to rise, there are several things that you can do to stay cool. Below is a list of ways to help beat the heat:

Dress cool

Avoid jeans and other fitted clothing and go for breathable garments made from cotton and linen. T-shirts, sundresses, shorts, and khakis will keep you comfortable, even on the steamiest days. Skip the pantyhose for work if you’re permitted, and you can sport longer skirts. Flip flops and sandals of all styles are the footwear of choice for many New Yorkers, so summer gives you an excuse to go shoe shopping or order another pair or two from your favorite online retailer.

Carry water

Water is available at street carts all over the city, in restaurants, and stores, but if you’re traveling from other areas of the city or to the outer boroughs, you should always keep a bottle or two of water with you. Staying hydrated will keep you from feeling sluggish and your skin will thank you for it later.

Hang out by the water or take a dip

There’s always a breeze by the water, stop by Shirley Chisholm Park to explore the winding paths and beautiful pier. Additionally, you can become a member of the Brooklyn Sports Club to take a dip in the indoor pool. You can also enjoy the various sprinklers throughout Spring Creek Towers (SCT) parks.

Indulge in cool treats

The familiar jingle of Mr. Softee’s Ice Cream truck and the ring of an ICE stand are outdoor cool treats you can indulge in while trying to stay cool. Stop by the Spring Creek Shopping Center to visit Dunkin Donuts for an ice coffee or City Fresh for a smoothie. You can also make your own cold treats at home, freezing your favorite juice or lemonade into your ice tray and then adding toothpicks.

Photo by: Amanda Moses

Amanda Moses